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Dirk Riemersma

I have been painting and drawing from an early age. At HKU, University of the Arts Utrecht, I participated in the Fine Art course and was inspired by Cobra, Basquiat, Twombly, Monet and many others. I like to work on slightly larger carriers such as paper, panel and canvas and like to look for new ways to combine media in order to obtain surprising results. Lately I have been enjoying the shapes and lines of branches, leaves and flowers for some time and try to incorporate this into partly abstract compositions. My idea is that this also gives the beholder more room to allow his own interpretation at work. The work is successful for me if I feel that it is complete and carries an emotional charge with it which potentially connects to the beholder. This can be experienced completely differently for every observer of course (from cheerfully positive to destructive negative), but I find that fascinating. In my work I usually look for the exciting interplay of playfulness, impulsivity, roughness and beauty. Trying to capture all this in words, realizing the work "speaks" better for itself in its own visual language. I invite you to start the interaction with my work on this website and like to hear from you if you are interested in specific work.

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